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Greenbee Pet Insurance

Greenbee pet Insurance is part of the John Lewis Partnership, a name you can trust.

Why choose Greenbee Pet Insurance?

  • No worries over unexpected vets' bills - you can claim up to £7,000 in a year if your pet becomes ill or has an accident.
  • Protect your pet no matter how old they are. We’ll insure your cat or dog from the age of 8 weeks - and there are no upper age limits on our policy for vet’s fees.
  • If your pet causes an accident: we’ll protect you against third party liability with cover for up to £2 million.
  • You won’t be out of pocket if your pet falls ill - we’ll pay your vet directly, provided they’re set up to receive our payments.
  • We’ll help you find your cat or dog if it’s stolen or goes missing. With Greenbee Pet Insurance you can claim up to £1,000 for advertising costs and £1,000 for reward money.

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